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Initial good start poor service, then reedemed..

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After an initial good start I've now been waiting about 4 hours since my payment was blocked. The deadline for the company I wanted to pay is almost up and the whole process is a waste of time!!! The reason given...they say they are protecting me from scammers and asked lots of questions all of which I answered 15 minutes later.Beware... This company will delay your payments unnecessarily. I was trying this out to avoid all the usual high street bank delays and this crypto system is just as bad! They don't employ enough staff to cope with demand...Update. Its now 9 hours and no reply!Update. Now 20 hours and no reply. I should also point out that all the payment disappeared from my CEX.IO balance so they are hanging onto it somewhere else! And, I've now missed my cyber Monday deal which has cost me a lot on top of all the fees charged ...about 7% for buying bitcoins plus whatever they will charge me for the payment side!Re CEX.IO's reply. It doesn't seem that they read my experience. I had an email from them shortly after I tried to make the payment saying the payment was stopped as they were checking I wasn't being scammed. Not a problem in itself its just the huge time delay responding to my answer!Finad withdrawal happened after 2nd attempt today, to late for purchase..they asked for a confirmation video from me. If only the original agent had done that in the first place!Only increased from one to three stars as, like politicians, they didn't acknowledge their part in this.
30 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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