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I sold .35 bitcoins 4 weeks ago they …

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I sold .35 bitcoins 4 weeks ago they charged 300 dollars commission. Now they say no usd withdraws I can convert back to bitcoin. Scam! Stay away.Lastest contact. All other ones have said we are extremely busy just wait for verifications.James James (CEX.IO)Dec 17, 12:52 GMTDear up111540172,Please accept our apologies for keeping you waiting.I have sent you verification case to a compliance officer, but I regret to inform you that fiat withdrawals are currently unavailable for the entire United States. So currently you can withdraw only in cryptocurrency. Please accept our the most sincere apologies for the inconvenience.There are three ways to buy/sell cryptocurrencies at CEX.IO:1. Instant Buy/Sell - get BTC or ETH just in a few clicks with 7% fee (for BTC): 2. Limit order - you may create a buy/sell trade order, it will take some time to be completed, but the fee is 0.2% at the most: 3. Market order - you may create an instant buy/sell order, in case you are willing to buy/sell the exact amount, the fee is also 0.2%:If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact.[QLLED4-M9VE]Josh9:26 AM (9 hours ago)to CEX.IO You charged me 300 dollars to convert bitcoin to USD now I can’t get it out. That makes zero sense. Fraud actually. Sent from my iPhoneupdate:You won’t verify my account so that I can take out the money in crypto. It’s been 4 weeks. I would prefer to have it wired to my bank account. I just would like to get it out of your nefarious clutches somehow. Doubt I ever will! Joshupdate:Finally got verified. Still can't get my 3800 dollars out because I can't withdraw to a credit card or wire the money to the US. I was thinking about trying to withdraw cryptocurrency but have to take blah blah blah screenshots of cryptocurrency account number and have that verified. Never ending labyrinth of deception!
Josh Watkins
17 Dec 2017 by Trustpilot

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