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I received an insulting BS reply on my…

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I received an insulting BS reply on my review about this rogue company, Let me reiterate a few more points already made. AVOID THIS COMPANY, YOU WILL CERTAINLY LOSE YOUR MONEY...This company make PROFIT from clients losing money, so avoid this company, take your money and be safe...I reiterate this points again.1- They make money & profits when clients lose money, google their shares fall 10%" in this article which is published by hundreds of respectable financial news outlets quoted this, quote" "Unlike many of its peers who act as go-betweens for customers to make bets on financial markets against other institutions and traders, they make markets for its customers. This means if the customers bet correctly more than incorrectly, it can lose money."What does this mean? they make you lose money deliberately so they can make money & profit, TAKE YOUR MONEY & RUN !Have a read and make your own conclusion and decision, I say this "don't let your self down"... they are a bunch of low life thieves ... Thousands and thousands of people are angry with this dishonest rogue company2- They intentionally & blatantly manipulate your positions against you.3- They have hundreds if not thousands of ways to make you lose money...4- You will never have your money back once they make you lose your money, so stop, think, and take your money whilst you can.5- If you have lost your money unfairly contact the Serious Fraud Office, the FCA, the Fraud Police, or get a lawyer or a fintech expert (as i did in my own case) and for the sake od those who might want to consult him: Kelvinwayney at aol ○ CÖM your money back.
01 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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