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I had before good experience with CEX.IO, and everything was ok until 1 month ago on my SEPA withdrawal.They stopped answering and claiming everything will be solved. After much insistence on my side, after 15 days they asked me for documents to justify the sources of my funding. They made me fill a document will my personal data, my wages, where I work, my social networks, others.I filled the same on the very same day. Until now I got no response to my multiple emails. I even asked them if they need any other document. Silence was what I got (10 days ago)!It's strange, that when the questions to support are others than withdrawal, they reply in a few hours. So, they are clearly avoiding to answer to these subjects.CEX.IO, if you're reading this, it's my last resource before going into legal on your operation country and joining all the other users that are complaining. I kindly request that you solve my problem.Tickets:- 252547- 221841I moved the 3 star to 1 due to the complete lack of communication and I will update this review as it progresses and I have feedback from CEX.IO.[UPDATE] - This process started in end of May, with me withdrawing amounts of ~12k EUR. My account was previously certified. [UPDATE] - 25 Jun - CEX.IO - Closed / merged some tickets. Not very important to me, but this clearly improves the support metrics on open subjects. [UPDATE] - 26 Jun - CEX.IO - Rejected all my withdrawals with no information why. Now they reseted the process.[UPDATE] - 26 Jun - CEX.IO, requested even more details. Personal opinion, it seams like they're finding excuses to postpone the withdrawal as they had previously all the information[UPDATE] - 29 Jun - CEX.IO, replied with their traditional message "that they have personally requested the compliance department,...."[UPDATE] - 29 Jun - CEX.IO, Asked again documents I've previously shared. I'm almost sure they will ask again any other document (even any other I might already have sent).[UPDATE] - 3 July - Official. I have the ticket open for 1 month. Always a different excuse in a never ending asking of information. So far I have provided, a real copy of my bank statements, my work details, all my email addresses, my wage, any sources of income, details and transactions on other exchanges. Now they started to ask information they have asked before saying that they could not find the details in the documents.[UPDATE] - 6 July. Don't hear from CEX.IO since June 26. Will keep updating until it's solved.[UPDATE] - 20 July. Got feedback that my account was validated.[UPDATE] - Augst 1st. Done again two withdrawals due to daily limits. Looking to see if they will really make it. If so, will update my review positively. [UPDATE] - August 3rd. The smaller withdrawal was accomplished, while the bigger one was not. The bigger one is ~10k. Until today (August 15) they keep telling me that a SEPA transfer can take up to 20 days, which is not true. In my opinion is completely an excuse as my bank found on the SEPA system no wire innitiated into my account.[UPDATE] - August 13rd. They either say that the bank would take 14 banking days or they say 20 banking days. Nevertheless, they said I should contact them if I don't get the wire by August 18.[UPDATE] - August 18. As expected, no wire. It's impossible for a SEPA (within europe) to take so much time. The regulation says it can't take more than 1 or 2 days. Please read this report and take your conclusions.. I Would remove this post once it situation is solved.Best
18 Aug 2017 by Trustpilot

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