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I deposited BCH at 9:30am

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I deposited BCH at 9:30am, it already has 7 block confirmations and still shows as pending transaction. When will it be reflected? I'm losing money here! I didn't want to use changelly or other service because I trusted that your service was better. So far support has also been very slow. I also deposited ETH and that went through just fine. When it works fine it is perfect (save the high fees) but when it doesn't no one replies to your support tickets. The reason I'm rating it at one star is because I'm loosing money waiting for them to reply or to fix the issue. I already opened 2 tickets 392074 & 391677 These guys just don't care.There are more people in this situation with one of them waiting for weeks and no end to the Pending transaction issue on BCH!Update: they say that the number of confirmations should be 20. I'm changing my review to 3 stars and will update as soon as this is verified.
Bruno Aragon
13 Nov 2017 by Trustpilot

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