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I am trying to withdraw money back to my credit card.But each time it is being rejected.When i deposited money from my credit card to cex.io no problem! But now they don't want to give my money back,says Rejected after 1 second! I have tried 20 times at different times.I want my money.My user id with you cex.io is up105830627cex.io please contact me and approve my withdrawal request!EDIT:I have read your reply cex.io and there is something you can do to help me.Since out of fear of losing everything i have @ cex.io and since i could not withdraw money,I decided to purchase 4.56 Ethereums once again after selling them out of fear in the first place,and then i decided to buy Bitcoins with them since i cannot use Ethereums in the real world at the moment,most companies will only exchange my Bitcoins for money.Out of fear and mistrust and lack of communication from your side,i transferred all my Bitcoins then to my Bitcoin wallet in order not to lose everthing i had.Now i hear you can help me with the finance? But i have nothing left to withdraw now,and there was charges with the withdrawals to my Bitcoin wallet,and there will be charges again once i transfer them to another site to get the money in my bank.Furthermore the price of Ethereum is rising fast again and so i am losing even more money now,all because i could not withdraw money back to my credit card,as promised by your site.I only received the first answer today of a question i first posted more than 10 days ago when i joined your site.What you can do if you want to be nice,and let me gain my trust again in your company,is to give me some Ethereums or a Bitcoin or piece of Bitcoin in my account to make up for the losses i had/am still having currently.Do that and i would recommend you again to everyone i know and trust will be regained.Thank you cex.ioHoping to hear from you soon again.
15 Jun 2017 by Trustpilot

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