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I am really disappointed at this time…

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I am really disappointed at this time invested $300, and my my profit went as high as $5553. i got an email from the platform stating i should pay 20% of that which is the commission fee $1110 the trader was down in my back to pay and i as soon as i pay. she started dragging her feet. telling me that i cannot do any withdrawal because the info i gave to platform is different from the bitcoin wallet. im new to this she took me step by step i have screen shot every single thing i do. now this morning she told me my account need to update then i got an email stating i should pay $300 to update my account.... smh now she hardly responding to she didn't even tell me that i would have to pay. i'm not paying a cent more i emailed the support team. haven't got a respond yet but if this is really a scam i wont take it lightly because i'm all the way in Jamaica and our currency don't have any value so to deposit over US$1500 is a lot here. i will be call CNN on this one the world has to know. So it better not be scam. i even go as far as saying if they need the $300 to upgrade take it from the profit and send me the balance if is so be the case.
06 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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