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Hi my name is Carlos Alberto Martinez

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Hi my name is Carlos Alberto Martinez, mi userId is up131592497. I have problems with the credit card verification because it is rejected, can you help me please? I explained what happened below:I registered a familiar credit card with the name of Henry Martinez because i wanted to buy new bitcoins with thath credit card but at the the end i didnt´ use that credit card; I decided to buy bitcoins with my own Credit Card with the name of Carlos Martínez. When i try to withdraw my bitcoins from the cex.io platform you need that i upload a selfie with the familair credit card that I didn´t use and I think that maybe you rejected my verification card because that credit card doesn´t have my name. Please help me, if you need whatever information you can ask me for it. How is possible that you allow me to buy bitcoins? but when i try to withdraw it don´t allow me.
Carlos Martínez
06 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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