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OK Thank your for your replyI Know you had issue with bank so i don't mindI explained you about why i use card when i was panicked and it was a debit card with PKR currency , Also it not internationally usable that's what my bank told me . But it was confusing that your support still want me to provide additional paper work and proofs when i requested to withdraw in bitcoins and when i had deposit into your trade platform via bitcoins , i never used bank or card to cheat you or deposit money into your system .Any ways i am relaxed nowI lost around $150 trading on your platform as i said i am pro traders on many websiteone example is herelocalbitcoins (dot) com/accounts/profile/qasir999/I have more thank 900 BTC trade on just that single website I am a serious trader and i see many issue in your websiteI give you following suggestions Your support person should be same not different all the time it confuse and new person can handle it different way when ticket is in middle of the wayBefore you assist someone you need to carefully review his/ her account history Your login system is not good in firefox and sometime on chrome it redirect back to login page when someone input 2 factor authenticationYour term should be very clear about the countries you serveYo should change your bank for international transaction the bank you are using is not capable of sending 2.8 K to my country ??Do you know Bank of America (USA Bank)?? i get direct deposit to my Pakistan account more thank 15K every month without any issue As you know bitcoins is a very risky business to gain customer trust you should post your contact phone numbers on the website so people can contact you by phone You transaction processing time is out of this worldYou took 4-5 days to process withdrawals and your fee are sky high , lower you processing time and fee to get more people Thank you for sending me my coins and good luck with future businessRegards,Qaisir Mehmood
Qaiser Mehmood
07 Feb 2017 by Trustpilot

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