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Firstly all the reviews here are paid…

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Firstly all the reviews here are paid reviewers. They explain what a lot of crap this app is pretending that it's good when it really isn't. On Reddit you will see the truth. My experience I've been with CEX.IO for a whole year now and will admit the fee's are extremely high, even for just a £20 they take 40% of what you pay. Not only that but the I.D verification system is broken. Without that you cannot withdraw your money. I tried to get my account setup with my verification last year and it's now locked out. (meaning I'm unable to verify my account - got multiple "retry button" that doesn't even work. Tried to contact support, no reply, email? No reply. If you try to contact them for two separate reasons cex.io will hate you for some odd reason they delete the first messages you request? Been a whole year now and still haven't had any support from anyone regarding this issue, have £170 (okay not alot, but still money IS money. And that is my money) which is stolen I find. As I'm unable to withdraw only to deposit? For me Im going to say this app is a SCAM DO NOT USE. Be warned
Dekote Azura
23 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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