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DO NOT USEI used CEX to sell BTC a month ago but then was unable to withdraw any currency despite trying my hardest to comply with their verification process.Sent in UK docs (drivers license, bank statements) but verification was rejected WITH NO REASON GIVEN. How can I resolve whatever the issue is when no reason is provided? Couldn't try to resubmit docs because once it's rejected it's then locked for 30 days.Opened a ticket twice, no contact except an automated response that did not resolve anything. Zero ability to actually speak to anyone at CEX, no phone line, just a support system that no-one answers.Debated for all this time whether to wait out the 30 days and try again but then I read on here that they can't even process payments properly so that people get their money.So in the end I've had to buy crypto again and transfer to another exchange, giving CEX a nice 7% commission on the BTC I bought purely because of their ineptitude. It must be nice to be rewarded for failure.So there you go - stay away. If you are from CEX reading this, don't bother replying or contacting me unless it's to offer me a refund of the 7% commission on the BTC purchase I had to make to get my cash off of your exchange.
06 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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