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Dear future crypto investor

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Dear future crypto investor, I would like to share my experience with cex.io. I must say that I was surprised how many people are unsatisfied with this exchange. I must say that for me everything worked (almost)smoothly, except one transaction. But I know that right now demand for opening an account, verification and such things is booming, so I completely understand delays, but even that has some limits. To start with good things: I made a couple of VISA withdrawals with no problem until the last update. I wanted to work according to the last update, so I tried to deposit this minimum deposit, but I could not, as every time I tried to do it, I got this security message with my old phone number (although I changed it). I wrote to support but did not get a reply or it was this automatic reply which could not help me. So I decided to remove my card and add it again and it worked. Now I can do VISA withdrawals with no problem, the only problem is now with the bank, as they put credit on my VISA card, not the bank account, as they did before, because apparently the way how cex.io is making such withdrawals but different, but I will manage. I also made a SEPA withdrawal a month ago. I have been waiting to be processed for some time (around 5 days or sth), so I reminded support of it and I got money in one day, so I must say good job! I also made a USD withdrawal more than a month ago and the situation got a bit complicated. I know it can take up to 60 days, so I was waiting for more than 4 weeks before I submitted a ticket and I got a reply but it was automatic with general information, so nothing which could help me. I must say that according to my history in cex.io transaction should be processed, but my bank does not know anything about it. So as I said I submitted a ticket, but got this automatic reply, so I did it again and now I am waiting for support to answer for more than 5 days. As I said, I understand there is big demand and everything, but a month for one transaction is quite a lot, even more, when my records on cex.io are saying that it was already processed. So I would like to ask cex.io team to check my ticket and my withdrawal and get back to me as soon as possible with information. I would also advise it not to keep sending these automatic replies, where sometimes you get completely irrelevant information and even close your ticket so you need to do it again, as it makes the situation even worse. To conclude, I am disappointed of how they are handling my USD withdrawal and also disappointed with regards to support, but my VISA and SEPA withdrawals are working fine, for now, so good job about that.25.1.I can confirm that I got an email from a Finance team, asking if the issue still was not resolved and I answered them that it was not. Now I am waiting for a reply.29.1. Today I got money back on my cex.io account. I still waiting for the explanation, but at least I can do a withdrawal with my VISA (although only 2k per day).
24 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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