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CEX.IO withdrawal SCAM ?!

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Yesterday i decided that i dont want to trade in CEX.IO anymore and i sold my coins from the website, then i requested a withdrawal. This is the email i got from them when completing the process:My user ID is up105925184Your withdrawal request has been successfully processed. Withdrawal details: Instrument: Payment Card - MasterCard Requested amount: EUR 149.48 Commission: EUR 5.24 Total to be sent: EUR 144.24The "Funny" part is that not only i did not recieve the amount of 144 euros, but instead i have payed them another 144 euros from my bank account (my cex.io account has 0 euros balance, my bank account has minus 144 euros in balance). What kind of scam is this ? I tought it is a ligit website where alot of people put their trust and money.... Where should i complain about that so that other people don't have the bad experience as i did ??Edited 01.10.17Today i got the money from my withdrawal request. It took them about 1 month to arrive and i wont recommend withdrawals of money assets from CEX.io because of the low speed of receiving the funds. Overall experience with the support team is good, they managed to solve my problems within a week.
18 Aug 2017 by Trustpilot

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