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CEX.IO thinck twice!

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I am a user for about less than a year and what make me go for CEX.IO is for the fact they accepted credit card to deposit and withdrawal, but my experience for the pass month make me doubt about the serious of the entreprise. They have always and when i say always i mean it, problem with currency, withdrawal or even deposit! Since a month now that i've got a deposit of BCH with more than 1000 confirmation by the blockchain, and they can't let me access to it. If you try withdrawal it's like playing the lotery! they even told me that somethimes it work between 9-12UTC,.. so i put my alarm on and wake up in the middle of the night to found out it's still not working... There platform it's most likely unstable, so let me thinck it could be even dangerous for hacker attack...And what i found strange is for the time past i never saw the exchange section going out of service (only for servicing) so how come the programmers are good for the exchange section platform but awfull for the currency? OR they just manage to play with your currency meanwhile they just let you thinck nothing working... For both i suggest you thinck twice about using their platform. I give them i another month then i will change for and other plateform.UPDATED 1 Febuary 2019I saw what you wrote just below and this not the truth! BCH working as i randomly transfert some since my old bch had been stock, and your people have a complete other version of the problem... As for the fiat, you have problem since the 14 of January! A problem can be resolve in minutes, maybe hours but 16 Days! It's seems more like liquidity missing! If not why you do not offer Paypal service? It's all around the world, never go down, always a succes! If we take a look on everythime you got fiat problem on the scedule maintenance you provide, it's always when a major drop of bitcoin appears..coincidence you say? Let me doubt...
Alain Savard
30 Jan 2019 by Trustpilot

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