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CEX.IO = Ponzi Scheme; If CEX.IO is real, give us your Phone Number!!!

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I just wanted to make some simple bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) buys and sells. Reddit and other sites with 10 or fewer pieces of feedback all say cex.io is "reputable" and receives 3-4 stars.Then you go to Trustpilot with 600 reviews... yikes. Here's my story, please learn from me. I sent a wire from my account in Boston from the 2nd biggest bank in the world to cex.io for $5,000. The bank confirmed the address (in Poland) as valid, I had confirmation numbers from both cex.io and my bank... yet somehow the money NEVER touched my account... it was just "lost." The funds were withdrawn from my bank and never deposited in my digital account - despite confirmation from my bank that it reached the address specified. Be prepared to give cex.io all of your super sensitive information AND savings, then have them steal your money! 100% Ponzi Scheme.Go ahead, try to give them a call to find your money (deposit or withdrawal).... Ok, now that you performed the Google Search, how can the self proclaimed "oldest bitcoin exchange" have no phone number and never answer emails?? If you are lucky enough to sneak a couple of hundred US dollars into your account, you'll never be able to withdraw it, so what's the point? I hope you have better luck than me! Email me if you want any further information on this scam. James T.
James Thorbe
11 Jul 2017 by Trustpilot

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