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Cex.io Is great usually cant lie. BUT

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I got a new temp debit card cause I lost my main one. Waiting for new perm to come in the mail. Everytime I use one of my new cards or add a card there is an issue with cex.io. They suspended my account for trying to use a new card since they're so worried about people using other people's cards and now btc is froze in my account. Very dissapointed. Although, I fully understand why they do this. They're very tight on making sure things are to the book. Will update if everything is worked out.UPDATED They fixed all issues within 24 hours. I am a happy customer of cex.io and despite my earlier complaints I feel they are very trustworthy and helpful as long as you are patient and understanding!
Andrew Holland
04 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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