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CEX violating their own terms of service

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CEX will lock your account up without stating any reason whatsoever and they will not allow you access to pull your funds from the platform - despite the spin the "social network manager" is going to put on it.DONT BE FOOLED - your money IS NOT SAFE on this exchange. I passed CEX's "enhanced verification" - yet after making over $30K in deposits over a couple of months, suddenly and inexplicably my account has been "frozen" and a request was made that I submit a selfie with my passport and a handwritten note, plus bank statements and taxes. I submitted the corresponding bank statements, and provided them with my business taxes. They got their 2nd selfie -- and I still have no resolution to this issue in over two weeks. Now they want a video selfie and a hand written note. I'd bake them cookies if it would make a difference -- When I asked if I could simply withdraw my BTC and leave their exchange, they responded with a request for a selfie with a VIDEO and a handwritten note before they would allow me to access my funds. It takes multiple days to get a "response" which is going to be just another request for more personal information. This has been going on for weeks. If they don't want to do business with me, that's fine -- but withholding my funds without any stated cause is beyond the pale.
01 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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