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Dear CEX, i paid out my money from CEX almost one month ago and i still do not received my money, i'm very worried about them because there are almost all my savings (44000USD). I do not get any response from your support since i created first ticket (weeks ago). Please do something in my case, my CEX ID: up10713938508.01.2018 Update - I still have not received my money, I'm afraid I could have been scammed by CEX.IO:/Unfortunately, we must acknowledge that CEX stole our money. It's time to send a lawsuit against CEX. I will create a list of CEX debts and pass it to a law office in the UK. It is very important to publicize the CEX case in the social media so that other users do not lose their money. Personally, I will collect materials and send them to several large traditional media, I have personal contact with the Polish biggest newspaper and radio station. We are looking for people from Ukraine who will coordinate a court case in Ukraine against the Ukrainian company CEX and personally against its CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych, and someone from the UK who has contacts in local media and will want to set up a CEX case on our behalf. You have to organize and run a procedure to cut off this company from our money. Read the bitcointalk post "Cex.io withdrawal problem" (i can't put link here).1. Name and Surname2. Date and amount of the deposit / withdrawal3. cex account ID, deposit / withdrawal method4. Please attach screenshots with a visible CEX account ID number and the amount of the deposit that has not been credited to the cex account or a visible withdrawal from the CEX account that has not been credited to your bank account (Payments tab).The data will be used only to start a lawsuit in the UK and Ukraine, and to block their accounts in Poland and Germany which I noted during correspondence with other users.I will also write to the reddit administration, bitcointalk, trustpilot and several smaller websites for a warning on the main page in the CEX case and link to this post.
Tobiasz Horodko
03 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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