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CEX behaving like scammers

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Welcome to our site, if you need help simply reply to this message, we are online and ready to help.CEX.IO00.png● 200.22KBDownloadI have passed 3 verification procedures with successnevcer the less my dash coins have been confiscated becausae of "ractification" according to a colegue of yoursYesYou need to complete the ratification by making a ratification depositI didInto a synchronized wallet attached to the email givenCEXSCAM.mht4.12MB● binDownloadWhat type of coin do you haveRatification no verificationI have been verified successfully 3 times1st ehen I deposited funds2nd Idebtity verificatiobnDot you have btc or eth ??3rd adress verificationOr any likely CoinI can not verify vard thar are obsoleteand nor with meselfie with a card in Chile? LOLOr the same with a card that I do not use?Just make a ratification deposit which will be refunded into your accountCEX.IO i"customer support" s a jokeLOL!Why would I deposit on a site that has confiscated my DASH coins against every common senseAgainst commoin sense is to deposit more funds to an , until nbow, elaborate SCAM schemeCEX.png● 235.53KBDownloadcex1.png● 190.1KBDownloadcex2.png● 197.21KBDownloadcex3.png● 336.12KBDownloadcex4.png● 236.45KBDownloadCEX.IO00.png● 200.22KBDownloadCEXSCAM.png● 167.53KBDownloadSilent u wentefficiency is staggeringWe're ⚡ by tawk.toTwice I have made my case to "customer support", twice they go silent andc delete chat history. I tried to email the trabscript. Its still has not reached my inbox.
Alvaro do Monte Lima
14 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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