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Anything I can do?? Need help!!

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When I heard from a friend that cex.io is very simple for beginners to learn how to buy/sell coins. I wanted to deposit 540euro from my Portuguese bank account to my CEX.IO balance. On November 29th 2017 I made the transfer to an account given by CEX website for transfer deposits. This account was in a bank called Sepaga based in Cyprus. After I made the transfer I waited 2 business days but my CEX balance was still 0. I called the Sepaga bank and they told me that there was a lack of information but they fixed it so it should be in my account by the next day. That night, I had to make an hard reset on my phone and 2FA Authentication never worked after a hard reset so I couldn't log in to my CEX account. I informed that CEX Support team had to do it manually and it took one month for them to remove 2FA Authentication from my account. After a month, when I was able to login. I was shocked because, there was still 0 balance in my account. So money has never been deposited???I made tickets for support team, left so many messages thru support service but always get automated messages like "your patience is highly appreciated". Tried to reach them from Facebook, Twitter, even called the building where their office is located in London but no answer. It has been more than 3 months and still no helpful mail received from CEX. I am stucked and no idea what to do. I even thought about taking a flight and solve the problem in their office but there is no one in the office as building secretary said. Anybody had similar issue? what can I do?
Cem Ustundag
06 Mar 2018 by Trustpilot

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