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Fast, competent and helpful

5 Declined

I'm very satisfied. I got an answer in many minutes, always less than half an hour. The support center didn't work for me, so the staff sent me screen... Read more

CEX.IO 17 Jul 2015 via Trustpilot


1 Declined

the quickest way to get stolen all your bitcoins

CEX.IO 14 Jul 2015 via Trustpilot

Patient and helpful

5 Declined

I haven't logged into my CEX.IO account in a long time. During that time I changed phones, and email. When trying to log in I had forgotten that I ins... Read more

CEX.IO 13 Jul 2015 via Trustpilot


4 Declined

I use this service for buying bitcoins and have found it to be 100% efficient and trustworthy.

CEX.IO 10 Jul 2015 via Trustpilot

Fast technical support

5 Declined

Verification emails were not coming through to me but this was resolved perfectly within about an hour of contacting technical support. Log in process... Read more

CEX.IO 06 Jul 2015 via Trustpilot

insane verification process

1 Declined

I can't pass verification procedure on this web site. My picture which I send always is not good enough for them. It is always "low quality", they can... Read more

CEX.IO 20 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot

Not recommened

1 Declined

Horrible support, even more horrible verification process. Feels like sophisticated scam.

CEX.IO 18 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot

The worst company ever

1 Declined


CEX.IO 17 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot


5 Accepted

Very fine service. Pretty easy to buy bitcoins with credit card, market is alive, so my trading is profitable. Good experience all in all.

CEX.IO 14 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot

Not flawles, but worth telling about.

4 Accepted

They finaly work in USA! Not all the states however. My verification was easily approved, but a friend of mine couldn't get verified because he lives... Read more

CEX.IO 12 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot

Good, fast, SEPA transfers

5 Accepted

All I needed was some BTC for my USD and CEX.IO provided with no problems. Nice exchange.

CEX.IO 12 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot

Worst support service ever

1 Accepted

I lost 2FA and they decide to never remove it. Even if I had access to the account, proof, email, balance, transaction and everything.

CEX.IO 05 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot

Don't trust Cex.io

1 Accepted

This company has countless evidence against it illustrating the ways it commits fraud with its users. I have used this website for over a year and hav... Read more

CEX.IO 01 Jun 2015 via Trustpilot


1 Accepted

Had to send the picture after picture, always some excuse about why it wasn't good enough.Then they steal my money!

CEX.IO 30 May 2015 via Trustpilot

Waste of time

1 Accepted

I provided all the information they needed to verify myself. The denied the application and did not even say why.

CEX.IO 26 May 2015 via Trustpilot


5 Declined

brilliant site

CEX.IO 09 May 2015 via Trustpilot

Best exchange!

5 Declined

They except credit and debit cards. Once you get verified the whole site works instantly!

CEX.IO 03 May 2015 via Trustpilot

Not Safe !!!

2 Declined

This is not SAFE !!!

CEX.IO 01 May 2015 via Trustpilot

Innovative, Transparent and Secure

5 Accepted

I have been trading here for months and have been very pleased with their exchange services. Its up to the minute and very secure.

CEX.IO 01 May 2015 via Trustpilot


1 Accepted

I place an order to purchase bitcoin, with through so much stuff to get "validated" was given inconsistent support and my questions ignored. Then emai... Read more

CEX.IO 29 Apr 2015 via Trustpilot


1 Accepted

Under all circumstances, stay away from them! If you trade on this platform, you CANNOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK!It is unbelievable, but once you opt for p... Read more

CEX.IO 26 Apr 2015 via Trustpilot

Shucks this was a Scam

1 Accepted

I know the price has been falling lately, but my review is exclusive to CEX's services. Unknowingly having them change policies on exchange minimums s... Read more

CEX.IO 14 Apr 2015 via Trustpilot

Best Support

5 Declined

HelloBest SupportQuick responseFull follow up user problemsGood luck

CEX.IO 14 Apr 2015 via Trustpilot

Almost instant replies from support

5 Accepted

For newbies especially important. For every problem I got a reply in a matter of minutes to hours.

CEX.IO 12 Apr 2015 via Trustpilot

I think your website is very good for anything.

5 Declined

HR management & Admin AD

CEX.IO 08 Apr 2015 via Trustpilot

Almost instant reply

5 Accepted

The reply to my query was so fast that I actually thought it was one of those automatic bot reply to tell me my query would be gotten to soon. I did g... Read more

CEX.IO 02 Apr 2015 via Trustpilot

Best site for Trading...

5 Declined

Best site for Trading... I trusted CEX.IO

CEX.IO 02 Apr 2015 via Trustpilot

debit card or credit cards in the united state of America

1 Declined

why they don't except the debit or credit card in the us

CEX.IO 31 Mar 2015 via Trustpilot

CEX.IO Thieves wont mine bitcoin and wont redeem hardware anymore

1 Accepted

Any hashing power you purchase from them is useless as you cannot mine with there hardware without fees that are greater and cannot exchange your hash... Read more

CEX.IO 29 Mar 2015 via Trustpilot

They stopped the hashing

1 Declined

How do we know that they are to be trusted?

CEX.IO 28 Mar 2015 via Trustpilot

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