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$2100 Withdrawal not Credited to Card

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Hi, i have been using cex.io for over 6 months now with very little pain, however my last withdrawal experiences are horrifying. I made a withdrawal of $2000 to one of my verified master cards on 4th Jan with zero luck, rather i got a call from my bank in seconds asking me to confirm if i made this debit of $2000. I was zapped, instead of crediting money in my account cex.io tried to debit it. I thought that this could be a bank error so i tried another withdrawal, this time of only $100 to another verified master card on my cex account. Same moment i got a text from my bank saying thank you for using your debit card at POS 524254XXXXXX0841 ECP OCT SERVICE POS DEBIT, they debited my account with $100. I have already raised 4 tickets however i get a system response with no help. Is CEX.io a scam ? What do i need to do to get my $2200 back and should i just move all my left money from the exchange to someplace safe as i am terrified to loose my hard earned money. My user id is up106009828 and ticket is 618139. CEX.io Please help. I promise to change the rating once my issue is resolved.
Sagar Bajaj
11 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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