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€10,000 took 3 months !!!

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I deposited €10,000 by SEPA transfer on November 14th. They received the deposit but required more personal information that I'm not ready to give so on November 21st I requested my funds to be sent back to my bank. We are January 23th, and I still didn't receive my funds.Last communication said that the funds were sent on January 4th and it may take up to 20 banking days to process with the payment provider. What kind of payment provider is this?I requested proof of transfer many times, but they never provide.Filling a complaint with the FinCEN and then UK authorities within 48 hours if I don't receive the proper answer to my demands to return my €10,000*UPDATE* 24/1/2018I got an answer from Jim, the supervisor that is not resolving anything:Our payment provider can send us such proof only after 20 banking days had passed from the moment when we processed the refund. Please be patient; if you do not receive the funds within the mentioned time-frame, we will contact our payment provider for additional information. Hoping for your understanding in advance.Best regardsJimSupervisorCEX.IO Team-------------------20 Banking Days is 1st of February.To be followedUpdate Feb 20th, 2018Three complete months later I finally received my funds!After replying to a message to again be patient, I said I would go ahead and make my formal complaint to the FinCEN UK authorities and that they understood that I was not bluffing.All the cryptos have a higher quote on this exchange so for selling it seems the best place to trade. Unfortunately, to get your funds in USD or EUR it takes forever and be agressive.
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23 Jan 2018 by Trustpilot

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