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Slow and poor customer service

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Slow and poor customer service, when you do hear back. There is no follow through or updating the customer if or when they will fix the issue. After about the 4 th email with a different agent, sent ID required to reset a security feature as requested. Haha haven't heard back from them that was 2 days. Got a loan, great can't use it because I can't getit out. No one cares, old bank, new clothing. Still waiting for an issue with removing Hodl mode in app and pin error problems. Has been days!!Do not recommend, it can be the best investment in the world, but means little if you can't get the money.Give it a miss till they sort themselves out. If they do, not all will survive this maybe one that doesn't!
Matt Hibberd
03 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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