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A digital asset exchange

About C2CX

C2CX is a China-based 3rd generation digital asset exchange dedicated to providing liquidity, security and advanced functionality. C2CX is targeted towards traders and entities seeking to digitize their assets by using blockchain technology.

Many earlier exchanges in the digital currency space failed due to a lack of liquidity. C2CX was designed from the offset with a built-in market maker to prevent this from happening.

Trading differentiators:

  • Support not only for digital currencies, but also other forms of digital assets.
  • No frozen balances, allowing traders to place unlimited orders in advance.
  • Order expiration dates.
  • Customized arbitrage engine for VIP customers.
  • Standard linked stop loss / take profit functionality.

Backend differentiators:

  • Avoidance of scripting languages such as PHP or Java not designed for high frequency trading.
  • Using blockchain technology to secure our databases from hacking.



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