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DON'T, please DON'T invest in this company unless you can afford to have your money taken from you with promises that you will get it back when it matures, with interest, and then never returned (I'd call that theft?). This is what's happened to me in this probably scheme: I did receive veiled threats this year that this company would be unable to pay me back if my honest review deterred more investment but as they have no intention of returning my life savings I may as well be honest now. Despite many emails and phone calls last year, ai gained some profits this year, this company rarely replied. In those very few replies, promises were made that my funds would be returned, none were honoured (I would call that gross dishonesty and fraud). A vague promise earlier this year that the money would be returned in laughably small tranches (would have been better than the nothing I am going to receive) .I am very grateful to mr gilbert the person who helped me get my funds along with a court order I reached him via Gilbertwillies(at)aol com and I would forever be in debted to him for coming throughI read some favourable reviews before investing and again recently. I cannot and do not believe those are honest: they in no way resemble my experience and I suspect they have been ‘bought’. DON'T allow yourself to be conned:
Christopher Billy
05 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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