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I have been a customer of BlockFi since… early 2019

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I have been a customer of BlockFi since before their Bitcoin Interest Account retail launch in the spring of 2019. Their customer service has always been prompt and courteous (email and voice). They have always met or exceeded speed of transfer and execution with deposits and withdrawals (relative to their policy benchmarks as stated in their terms and conditions). Their interest rates are generous and compare very favorably with other financial instruments such as equity and corporate bond rates of return.They have an active social media presence and reach out to customers. Founder Zac Prince makes himself available for questions and grants detailed interviews on multiple podcasts so his customers can understand what they are signing up for.DYOR and only commit funds that you would consider risk assets. If you are in the Bitcoin ecosystem then you should already understand what you are agreeing to. A good balance of risk/reward and not-your-keys.I have not been incentivized in any way to write this review, if, however you found it useful you may use this referral link and I will earn a small increase in interest payments: https://blockfi (DOT) com/?ref=3db2dde5
26 Sep 2019 by Trustpilot

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