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Worst update ever. Best rep saved me.

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I've been using blockchain for the last 4 years. The app has worked perfectly until the last update that created a delay in funding, unclear funding hold times, and multiple attempts to contact customer service that often took weeks to hear responses. The only reason I'm rating 3 stars is the rep I was working with Nathan. He did an amazing job of providing me information when he could. His information was truthful, helped calm my anxiety over lost funds, and he did his best to keep me updated on the status of the app. Thank you Nate, and blockchain should definitely have MORE reps like you to help customers who are frazzled by the ineffective update. Long story short, I bought a significant amount of BTC with my debit card that didnt appear in my wallet. It took two months for my issue to be resolved, and the funds are still not transfer/sellable even though they appear in my wallet and it's been 2 months of delay. Blockchain needs to improve their overall communication when these funding hold changes occur. There was no warning and they apparently changed the hold from 7 days to 3, but the app still says 7. Just not a good look at 4 great years of using the app.
25 Sep 2020 by Trustpilot

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