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I called to transfer money from my blockchain wallet to my usd bank account. Somehow someway after the 4th phone call I got help. I was directed to transfer the money from my wallet into my BTC wallet. Now the funds are gone and all I can see is the “activity” where I have the specifics of the transfer. I have the transaction ID, I have the address where it was from and where it was sent to. Now no one from customer service is returning my calls and I have no idea how or what I’m supposed to do to get my funds from my BTC wallet(which is empty)? To my USD bank account.What are the steps I need to take now? I’ve been reading about this “3 day waiting period” from the previous reviews. Can someone help me? Because customer service isn’t and hasn’t whatsoever. Terrible service, they don’t even call you back.
05 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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