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Watch out for phishing sites

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I have buyed bitcoin with them for YEARS and never had any problems. They never scammed me in any way.I noticed that there are a LOT of phishing sites around that try to fool users, and i'm pretty sure that 99% of the bad reviews here are from people that log-in in those phishing sites.Don't trust any blockchain email. Log in ALWAYS from the site and NEVER from email links. Even if you are 100% sure it's a legit email. And ALWAYS check URL.If you use the 2 factor autentication, with a code from an sms message and an email to confirm, it's almost impossible to get scammed. But people are lazy and they want to log in fast...If you go and search blockchian reviews on cryptocurrencies forums, all the people that assume they were scammed by the site are, in fact, being scammed from a phishing site.WATCH OUT!
Francesco Nardone
01 May 2020 by Trustpilot

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