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This is my experience on Blockchain 10 March 2020 I have evidence in my account!!!My ticket number 1405241!

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If I can reviewed this company with 0 stars I will make this every day because my money was stolen and I do not accept such a thing (I HAD 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION WITH A CODE FROM AN SMS MESSAGE AND EMAIL TO CONFIRM (2FA) !!! I will not trust or invest any money on Blockchain ever!!!This is the bad experience on my life .... Almost all my money invest in crypto was sent to other addresses that do not belong to me on 10 March2020 and I don't do this , my wallet it was almost emptied (just a few left) and there is no support they blame me but It's not my fault and they don't understand...This is the bad experience in my life is investing in Blockchain!!! Investigate also my ticket number 1405241 because it is not my fault and no longer blame me for taking viruses because I use a computer for my work with high-level security.I thought it was the biggest trust in the market and what happened?Javier Gonzales and Tatiana say in his review ,I think I have the same problem) .Javier Gonzalez , or Tatiana ,or Rob Lion ...You can say how you solved the situation?, From the moment I get only( bad opinion ) from Blockchain company??? I sent numerous emails to the customer service and they tell me:we don't have information on how your wallet got compromised and now just bad opinion ,,sorry for this" and we do not have an amiable solution for you.... .(I have sent print screen with all crypto transfer,address from my blockchain wallet account and see clearly).I wanted to invest on this platform and I thought it was trustworthy but is the bad experience on my life and I am waiting for an answer from the owner or another high-level function and in this regard and I will prepare many statements to all authorities competent ...If this problem not solved ....I will do a lot of reviews (what I started to do) in this regard to all communication channels if I do not get my cryptocurrency back(Blockchain support only say I'm sorry) ...I hope to solve this problem in a friendly way because I am an honest man and I do not like being robbed!I I don't want an answer like this what Blockchain is (noncustodial and don't have acces in my account) I see here many many people have the same problem...If you are non-custodial company and the money is stolen so easy With your strictest security system (2FA) which I had activated in your platform, I don't think it should this company work anymore because I saw here many people have my situation...sorry I got to say that but this is the truth...
Raul Cozma
03 May 2020 by Trustpilot

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