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They are thieves

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Today I found my wallet empty. A balance of 0.00296661 BTC has been stolen, I have no security issue with my account except them and their site. They manipulated my account to make illegal withdrawal, so they withdrew my bitcoin from 0.00296661 BTC on their system and site:sent from1ND1bRqXXZS3Y99yo1G8YRuf65gJy6uKkreceived by3D6NHEMGuny6EDFF1tD12jcaYG3158TPUwI find their site is illegal and they are thieves.I sent a complaint and here is their answer:Kenny (Blockchain)Nov 14, 2020, 13:57 ESTHello,I am so sorry to hear this. A wallet can become compromised when login credentials, the backup phrase, or pairing code are accessed by a third party. A malicious third party may attempt to deceive users into unknowingly providing this information. Tactics can include phishing sites and emails, and social media scams impersonating or a employee.With a Wallet, you are in sole control of your funds, which means we do not have the ability to reverse, cancel, or refund lost funds. This is partially due to how cryptocurrency transactions work, and because our wallet is non-custodial.The following best security practices play a very important role in preventing loss of funds:- Never share your backup phrase or pairing code. A third party can use either to access your funds even if you have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled and change your password. will never ask for your backup phrase or pairing code.- Never give a third party wallet access, or allow a third party to create a wallet for you.- Please take measures to secure your email, and the computer or device used for wallet access. This may involve running a malware scan or consulting an IT professional.- Avoid phishing sites or social media scams by bookmarking important links including If a wallet becomes compromised, it should not be used to hold funds. Please visit and create a new wallet with a new, unique password. Before sending funds to this new wallet, complete all Security Center steps under the Basic tab. This includes verifying your email, enabling 2FA, and making a backup. Only enable Advanced tab settings that you are comfortable with.Mobile users can create a new wallet using our iOS or Android apps. Tap the main menu > Settings to verify the email and set up 2FA. Also from the main menu, tap “Backup Funds” to make a backup.Please make a record of your new wallet ID, password, and backup phrase to store somewhere safely, offline. As a non-custodial wallet, we do not have the ability to reset passwords or retrieve a backup phrase, which is why it is so important for you to store this information. If you have any remaining funds at your compromised wallet, you can send them to a receiving address generated within your new wallet.Please let me know if you have any questions.Kenny | SupportDisclaimer: Please note does not provide investment advice or recommendations. The information made available to you is for your general use and is not based on any evaluation of your personal circumstances. If you are unsure of any investment decision, you should seek independent financial advice.
14 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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