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Pretty much see the same problem on a…

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Pretty much see the same problem on a lot of posts. I literally only bought $10 in ethereum. Just needed it for a game. I don't understand how you can take my funds from the account . Not pending, on my side the transaction was complete. You received my money but refused to let me take what I bought. There's no reason for you to hold it for 3 days when the transaction is not pending. They received the money . I just want to withdraw my crypto and close my account. There are far superior apps out there if you want to buy crypto. These guys will be very quick to take your money but when you try to get ahold customer service. Ha. And the funny thing is there was a sell on the in-game purchase I was trying to make.. that sale obviously ended halloween.. so I don't even need it anymore. This is crazy. Don't use this app.
05 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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