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Not operating like a professional, leading exchange

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Ticket number is #2003584.I will edit this review if my problem is solved quickly.Had I been aware that a loan order would still be unexplainably pending after 63 transaction confirmations of my collateral, I would have thought long and hard about requesting one. It was mostly done spur of the moment based on a particular opportunity I saw in the markets, but with this waiting time I've been caught out big time. My collateral is in limbo, I've been given no promised USD-D. I read all the support articles about the loan and even read the Terms and Conditions. They state very clearly that they deliver the money once your automatic transaction of collateral is confirmed. 64 confirmed transactions, 12 hours later and still nothing! I've already lost money having to wait this long. Look, if there's some shadow policy that could explain the delay, then that needs to be crystal clear in the T&Cs and support articles. There's a false assurance that it should happen as soon as the transaction is confirmed! If it's a technical glitch then please admit on the website that operations are subject to some probability of error, because when I'm making big transfers of wealth I very much should know about these things! I'm so frustrated by this!
Connor Fraser
22 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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