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not Happy at all

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To start this I know how to trade and buy and sell crypto , a few days ago I bought around 50£ worth of BTC and not a problem Today I bought £140 pound worth of BTC and it is no where to be seen in my blockchain account and any of the wallets.I have Done EVERYTHING I am anxious about this that’s how I am. The problem is that blockchain confirmed it and it and I got a email to say it is in my BTC trading wallet . The thing is it is nowhere to be seen I have checked everywhere all the wallets I’ve done everything the trade is completed but I have not received the bitcoins like a few days ago . I have sent a email to support but in the meanwhile I have to have nervous wait thinking where has my £140 pound gone that is a few week of hard earnt wages for the average people in UK I hope they sort it and find my money or that it comes into my wallet or balance and maybe it’s taking long but I don’t believe that is true because it should’ve come by now it has been 5 Hours blockchain get back to me please blockchain I will change the review but I need my money please it is hard worked and many people have had the same problem, by the way I have checked all my wallets and I’ve done everything it is defiantly something blockchain needs to sort for me. my ticket number: #1578628
Moe Moosa
02 Jul 2020 by Trustpilot

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