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My ticket number is -1937246

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My ticket number is -1937246OMG !! I feel like an idiot right now and am angry with my self that why I did not check the reviews of this company before purchasing anything. I see nothing in the reviews but bad and horrible. People have been scammed !! and I feel the same. Before 2 days I tried to buy stellar worth 150 $, first the transaction was pending and later on 150 $ got deducted from my bank account and no stellar credited in my account. Some how I got the contact email and I sent my concern so later I was sent a link to fill it out which I did but have heard nothing until now. The website and the app both are crap. Both keep crashing again and again. Inspite of verifying the transactions still they go on pending status which is very wiered. My ticket number is -1937246Block chain if you really are in to business and not a scam company then you should help me and all the people who are so angry and frustrated with your website and services.After I posted this review I got an email from that my account has been credited with 150 $. I right away logged in to check and see if there is anything and I see nothing. IS THIS SOME KIND OF A JOKE ?? Are you guys for real ? I need answer to my concern ? I even tried replying to the email which came through block chain but when I answered it got bounced.
Saif Jariwala
09 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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