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My ticket number is 1794323

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My ticket number is 1794323, whats the update with my refund please? Because I will not be letting this go said this 6 weeks ago how your going to arrange a refund with my bank , and still nothing , you guys already said you suspended because i said you guys should lol , just give me my money simple u dont need to arrange with my bank just refund me my details are there , you guys are so quick to take the money but to give it back its a problem , just give me my money simple its taken forever!! They said this to me twice “ Hello,Following careful review, we regret to inform you that we are suspending your Blockchain Wallet account. Unfortunately, at this time we can no longer offer you our services. You may have engaged in certain activities that are not permitted as per our Terms of Service which can be found here.We are aware you have funds on your account:As for the remaining funds in your account, we will be contacting your bank and will arrange a refund with them.Best Regards,Irvin | Blockchain Exchange SupportDisclaimer: Please note does not provide investment advice or recommendations. The information made available to you is for your general use and is not based on any evaluation of your personal circumstances. If you are unsure of any investment decision, you should seek independent financial advice.” But all now they havent contacted my bAnk they said this 2 months ago and saying the same this month and the only reason why my account is suspended is because i told them to close it and i have proof , i just want my hardworking money back it’s getting ridiculous there customers service is so bad that they lie on every response they give me regarding my funds in the blockchain wallet
Eniola Bello
23 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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