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Missing cryptos from wallet worth over $150,000

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As a courtesy I have held off making this post, but I have now been pushed past the limit. At today’s prices, three cryptos having a value in excess of $150,000 disappeared from my wallet on 2-3 December, 2021. I had parked my BTC with for safekeeping during the summer of 2017. Then, during the fall of 2020, I received a solicitation email from advising me that I could earn interest on BTC and a couple of other cryptos. On 25 November I transferred three other cryptos from other exchanges into, and transferred them within to their respective interest accounts. The minimum investment period was 7 days, and after that period the invested cryptos were supposed to remain in the interest accounts unless I transferred them back into my main wallet. Without any authorization from me, those cryptos were transferred back to my main wallet on 3 December (7 days) and disappeared via an unauthorized transfer out within a matter of minutes. Also, on 2 December, some BTC that I had not transferred into the interest account disappeared from my wallet. I suspected that the cryptos were gone, because I received emails from stating that the transfers had been made, even though I did not authorize those transfers. At that time I was locked out of my wallet (when I tried to log in, their system would not send me an email so I could authorize the log-in), and it took 10 days before I could get a substantive response from’s customer service. I finally resorted to using the 12 word seed phrase to get back into my wallet, and was assigned a new wallet ID. (Note: I was once again locked out of my wallet later when their system again failed to send me an email so I could authorize the log in. So I am now on my third wallet ID, and have been required to verify my identity multiple times). Sure enough, the cryptos were gone. The email chain between customer service and me is now over 30 pages long. My emails to them contain extremely detailed descriptions, analyses and the timeline of all details of the events in the crypto disappearance. Some of the emails I received from them were of the cut-and-paste variety, with no continuity in respondent – a different customer service rep almost every time. Attached to those emails from me (per their request) were photos of the various pages in my wallet, as well as extensive spreadsheets outlining every detail about the unauthorized transfers. Then, after six weeks, I was advised that they would not open those spreadsheets to investigate the evidence, citing company policy. One might ask, if they have security concerns, why couldn’t they forward those items to an email outside to the platform to investigate? The next insult was a customer service rep accusing me of revealing my wallet ID, password, 12 word backup phrase and email access to a cryptocurrency advisory service. That is a subscription service, nothing more, and that service does not solicit funds or invest them on behalf of their subscribers. If I had revealed that information to ANYONE, how would it have been possible for me to use the 12 word backup recovery phrase to generate a new wallet ID – twice? If someone else had done that, I wouldn’t have known the new wallet ID, so I wouldn't have been able to access the new wallet! Additionally, to obtain access to my wallet, someone would have had to intercept an email (at my email address) to authorize the log in attempt. No such authorizing email was ever received at my email address. So the accusatory logic of the customer service team completely fails. Then amongst the final insults I received were “we feel your pains”, and “…there is no amiable solution…”. In summary, I am out over $150,000, denies any responsibility and refuses to look at the evidence, and accuses me of divulging confidential details about my wallet and my email to third parties. As mentioned in the first sentence of this tome, I held off posting on this forum but am doing so now because over a week has passed since my last email to and no response has been received. They are hoping I will just go away, but I won’t. I have documented proof of all of the above and more. Also, I would suggest that if any other parties have complaints, they send copies to each officer and the board of directors of the company. Their email addresses are (firstname) Perhaps that will help garner some attention from other than Michael, who I suspect is a bot that signs off on most complaints. Ticket No. 1827782
23 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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