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I've been trying to sell my Crypto for…

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I've been trying to sell my Crypto for weeks now . I've opened up numerous wallets I've given my 12 word phrase to scammers in Blockchains Facebook page thinking it was ligit. I received a message from Blockchain saying they would move my money to a new wallet but unfortunately it's says I cannot be verified. So I am now in limbo with my account open to attack. I can't sell the crypto so I'm assuming the scammers won't be able to either. Problem is Blockchain know my account is compromised but aren't seeming to do anything about it. I'm aware it's my fault for giving over the Backup phrase. As others have said could you put out a statement to advise what the problem is with your Company Rather than string us along. #1985310Well if you could authorize my Gold and let me sell and withdraw that would be a good start. Thanks
Mark Osullivan
22 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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