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It is a shame to realize that…

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It is a shame to realize that are thieves and a scam. They give you free wallets and make you think that they are for real. They also allow you make one or two successful purchases. But after they earn your trust, you put more money into their account, and thereafter, you are no longer in control.So many bad reviews.. all cannot be lies. I will come here and everywhere else to give bad reviews intensively. Unless you will release my money. I am an old woman. I have my pension funds in your custody. I was introduce to this scam company by my sister-in-law who now feels sorry for me.Too bad that many people will already fall a victim before coming here. If you haven't put in money or still in control of your money, then you are lucky. Run as far as possible.If are not a scam, then solve my issue at once. Solve my issue and I'll come back here to testify of your genuineness. If not, this is only the beginning. I have multiple tickets now. One of them is, Ticket #: 1831614
24 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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