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I really do believe that my blockchain…

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I really do believe that my blockchain account has been wrongfully rejected, I even used it for purchasing bitcoins a couple days before it got rejected! I am getting no answer in why it got rejected nor how I could fix it, only that it breaches the terms of service even though I believe I have not done anything that would breach the tos, only bought bitcoin with a debit card and transfer to other addresses, and I really can’t see how that breaches the tos! I would really like a response and why it got rejected, or at least get another chance to verify the account!And I have had the account for months without any problem and now all of a sudden it gets rejected even though I have been using the exact same card for all my purchasesI would like a PROPER answer in why It got rejected and what terms of service it breached, the only answer I get is the same email from a bot with no real info. If I don’t get a real explanation I could never know if my rejection was truthfully given to me or just a simple mistake!
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29 Jun 2020 by Trustpilot

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