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I have been using Blockchain for my crypto transactions.

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I have been using Blockchain for my crypto dealings and for the most part they are reliable and good people to deal with. My only criticism and this is what prevents me from giving them a five-star rating, is that for the past several weeks, Bitcoin transactions are being held up in PROCESSING for an inordinate amount of time. I have been given excuses which may in part be true but in large part are not acceptable. These include:*under review by Blockchain*being held up by the Miners*backlog due to excessive useThese are not fully credible and going forward I will be looking seriously at this and if it occurs again I will have no choice but to migrate over to one of Blockchains' competitors.On a positive note, in my last chat about my second but last transaction, I was elevated to a support agent named who filled me with confidence and promised to resolve this issue for me. My subsequent transaction earlier today went through in seconds and impressed me. If this continues, I will be able to give a five-star rating.
Bretcrown BTS Ltd
23 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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