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I funded my account specifically to purchase items and use BTC for internet services. The fact that I can’t access my Bitcoin for transfer for THREE DAYS is beyond belief. The wallet on iOS is 100 times more efficient and reliable. I only chose blockchain after it was recommended to me by a friend but it seems that it was an ill informed recommendation. Luckily I only probed with a £25 test buy. Really not the sort of service I expect, especially after my verification was completed promptly. I even sold my current BTC to my GBP wallet and re bought Bitcoin from my already cleared funds only to be told I couldn’t do anything with them for ANOTHER THREE DAYS. Not a very convenient service, I shall be sticking with Bitcoin app for iOS. Much better.Reply 26.12.20Blockchain you hold all transactions for three days. I purchased ETH with funds already in my GBP wallet and they are also locked. You are the only platform I've seen do this to date, not good.
harry babbage
26 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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