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Horrible. I e-mailed them 4 days ago about my deposit and still have heard nothing. Don’t worry though, they’ve had plenty of time to send me multiple e-mails about how I should buy more bitcoin. Slowest exchange I’ve ever used from both a transaction timeframe and customer service aspect. There are MANY better options out there. Horrible choice on my part to use them for the first timeUpdate. They below requested a ticket number.Ticket number is (#1735221) Tried transferring from BTC TRADING WALLET to BTC WALLET on blockchain app. Hit send and it said it could take up to an hour. It has been 12 hours, my money is gone, all balances say zero and there is absolutely nowhere in any transaction history that shows the transfer ever existed. All of my money is gone and they stole it!!!! Can someone please help direct me where to go to pursue legal actions??YOU GUYS ARE FULL OF LIES AND HORRIBLY INACCURATE TIMEFRAMES. I Am soon to report my money as stolen. THERE IS NO OTHER EXCHANGE THAT DOES THIS
David J. Pross
17 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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