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Hello fellow readers,

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Hello fellow readers,I'm writing this with hope of getting an answer and warning people about their services and customer support.My son has been trading with cryptocurrencies for the past 5-6 years and has made some amazing progress, so he adviced me to try it out with a small portion of my savings, so that even if I lost it wouldn't matter.He recommended the use of this website and everything went well. As soon as I had bought some Etherium and Ripple they locked my funds and didn't even say anything until I contacted them. Their customer support agent, which was named Rainy, was very nice and helpful. She explained the situation and got me a call with their compliance department. It was supposed to be a video call using a link that Rainy sent me in the chat.As soon as the call started they dropped it and then even deleted the chat function for me, so I tried to reach out to them via their get help link and wrote 2 tickets, but without any answer.Ticket numbers: #1734787 and #1733969Rainy said that because during the verification process they had seen me using a phone and were trying to protect me from "scammers". Seems good. They want to be safe and protect people, but there are a couple of issues:1. The verification process in which they saw me on the phone was no longer than 5 seconds. I remembered that I had forgotten to get my drivers license and closed it down to go get it. First of all since when is it illegal to speak with your son, who was just showing you the website and second this means that they're secretly recording you all of the time while it only says that they're taking a photo of you and your ID.2. They saw this in the first 5 minutes of my registration and verification process and yet they waited to block my funds after i had purchesed cryptocurrencies and tried to withdraw them.Why would you wait for me to deposit funds, which is a few hours, send me an e-mail which clearly states that my funds are available in my account and that I can trade and use them and then you didn't even tell me after I've already tried to make a withdraw and it has been sitting on "processing" for a long time?? I had to be the one who reaches out to you.You say that you're the one who's protecting me from being scammed, but the way I look at it you're the one scamming people. You just charged me EUR 322.72 in fees and this is not counting the fees for the withdrawal process and then decided to lock my funds. On top of this the value of my funds has dropped with 4.54% and will continue dropping untill you let me trade with my money. I did this to make money and not lose money. At the point of posting this reviews i've lost EUR 3677.40 in just the value going down and me not being able to do anything about it and another EUR 322.72 in fees for a service which you didn't provide. I'm sure that you won't be compensating me for the loss of EUR 4000.72, so please be so kind and let's resolve this issue.You act like you care about me not loosing any money, but you're the only reason as to why I've lost anything in the first place. If this issue gets resolved within the day I'll be sure to update my review in detail and write down how you've been helpful, but for now even 1 star is way too much. It should be at least a negative score of 4,000.00 to represent the money I've lost.Kind Regards,Marianne Appelgren
Marianne Appelgren
15 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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