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Hello everyone,

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Hello everyone,I'm writing this review with hope that I will get some help or tips by some of you and at the same time warn the others that haven't started yet. Blockchain and their exchange have had my money locked up for for 16 days! I spoke with some arabic looking bloke by the name of "Kenny". They first wanted a video conversation, but kept missing the appointments. We finally had an appointment and a video conversation, but I couldn't hear him, because his microphone wasn't working. It's just some random 20 year old kid sitting at home with his laptop and his microphone isn't even working. I bought bitcoin and sent it to my own wallet - they blocked the transaction and are not answering my e-mails or requests when I keep wanting my money unlocked! I complied with all of their requests and they just ignored me. On 04.02 I finally received an answer that my 1.1783482 BTC would be sent back to me. After that I haven't heard of them or seen my money. I had deposited 10,000 Euro which I bought the aforementioned amount of BTC. Today it's worth more than 11,000 euro's and I wanted to exchange it to etherium yesterday and would've made a big profit!!! All they do is that when bitcoin is going up they scam you and hold your money and give it back when it's going down. This is how they make their money!They have a total of 3-4 kids sitting at home with their laptops and are just scamming people, innocent old men like me, who are just looking for something better than their retirement...This review is probably going to get deleted, but before it does I hope that it will at least help someone
Per-Sune Jonsson
13 Feb 2020 by Trustpilot

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