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Getting effective help in the Blockchain wallet should be simplified.

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First, when in my Blockchain wallet my trials (i) to get a swap from BCH to BTC and (ii) to send BTC to my account at Bitstamp, were not lead to any result, I could not find a clear help desk, where I could explain what I did and to find out what went wrong. But during my efforts, I saw a indication for trading, and arrived at Blockchain-exchange, with an on-line chat possibility. But first I had to open a trading account, with another password. After discussing that with “Louis”, I had to send a printscreen of my wallet page, but it took various efforts to make that happen, and when I finally succeeded, the on-line chat was closed. After that I had the next day via the same chat, first with another person, but than luckily I was transfered to Louis again, and finally with Don, who made clear to me what was probably the problem. But again, in the process was cut and could not be retaken the same day. Anyhow, with DON's comments by email, everything was solved, but in the meantime I had also contacts and messages with Irving and Mitchell (see my email to Mitchell via support-exchange on 23rd of October). In total a quite exhaustive procedure, probably caused by two support services (wallet and exchange). Someone having problems in the wallet, should easily have found a person like "Don" without the necessity to open an account in exchange and needing to explain the problems to four persons.
Mark Versteeg
28 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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