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Fiat deposit to crypto disappeared and stuck on the trading wallet

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I deposited fiat money into, and I bought BTC with it. All the money went directly to the trading account I tried to move my money from the trading account into the wallets. I could not move the money. Then suddenly my fully approved account had to be approved again. Which has been pending for almost 1 week. So I have no access to my money, I dont know when the account is going to get approved for the third time again and there is no service whatsoever. Most horrible experience in crypto ever. I'm only imagining myself depositing 1K into their wallets or other people who did this. Don't do it! Just stick to the crypto and hope nothing happens to your account.Ticket number # 1749055, 1751896Update 28-10-2020Today they managed to get my account fully approved again for the third time. I still can move my BTC-trading wallet balance to my other balance or my trading wallet in order for me to withdrawal my money. So they have not solve anything yet.Update 31-10-2020Eventually after posting on trust pilot my issues got solved. The issue with the deposit from fiat to crypto was that you need minimum of 10 USD deposits. The only problem is that the system doesn't give you a heads up about that. The disappearing of the funds was due to my account not being approved suddenly. That I cant explain.
28 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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