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Fees - No idea and no answer

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I asked the below as the information is not on there website, I didn't get an answer simply that the case had been solved. Sorry but when a trading platform is not able to give you a straight answer to there fee structure then clearly they are hiding something. Deposit fees –Please can you confirm your fees for the fiat currency GDP to BTC.a) Using a debit cardb) Using BACSAre these fees % based? If so what is the %?Trading FeesWhat are your makers and takers fee?a) Is it % based? Or flat rate? -Please supply % rate or flat fee depending on the answer.b) Does it change depending on the day or time of day?c) Do they change on volume? – If so, please provide a table.Withdrawal feesa) Is this a % or fixed fee? If what is the fee?a. Please split this for withdrawing BTC to BTC and BTC to GBP.Finally, what are your fees for sending within the wallet?a) Is it % or fixed?b) Does is vary speeding o day/hour, that is, market demand.c) Please split the answer for all wallet transactions both ways (In and out), trading wallet to BTC wallet, BTC wallet to Interest earned wallet, Trading wallet to Interested earned wallet.Thank you for assistance on this, but I need to know fees otherwise there is no way of knowing if this is a good platform to trade/hold BTC.
Dominic Renshaw
01 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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