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Disgrace.After doing 2 SEPA transfers of 6k euros and 1 of 8k euros to the exchange of blockchain on Monday, I bought 12k worth of BTC and made a transaction to my EXODUS wallet. The transaction was not executed and inmediately my account was blocked. I know nothing about my BTC or my 8 000 euros. NOBODY IS GIVING ME AN EXPLANATON OR CONTACTING ME. That is why I do not no proffesional economist to work with this exchange as the can´t event provide a notice so I know what is going on. This is highly unproffesional and is shaming the whole crypto comunity. I understand finance regulations and laws as I, myself am an economist but this kind of neglection I cannot comprehend.I hope you get in touch with me as soon as possible, as I have already implemented legal measures. Regards
Javier Marchamalo
16 Jan 2020 by Trustpilot

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